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At Botë Farms Retreat Center we searched the earth to find specialists, experts and unique mentors, to bring their wellness and art to the farm to create a one-of-a-kind retreat.

Our retreats are here to support your body, mind and soul.

Mind/Body Yoga
& Meditation Retreat

September 22-28th, 2023

Isadora Calavante is from Brazil and since 2016 she has been helping people regain their self-confidence, find freedom in who they are, and become increasingly present in their own power. She'll guide you through meaningful questions so you can dive deep into yourself and find your path, by experiencing healing from another perspective.
Her goal is to introduce you to another perspective of self-care and make meaningful improvements on your life. Regain your authenticity, while learning to let go of control and to handle anxiety and stress gracefully.

Emmi Kirkholt fell deeply in love with yoga when she was pregnant with her firstborn child in 2011.

Her first teacher training was in 2015 at Kundaliniyoga at Kundaliniyoga Institute, New Mexico, USA. Yoga became her healing art to share as she began teaching classes at studios all around Stockholm. During this time she developed a style all of her own which is a mix of Kundalini and flow.

She is also trained in yoga for pregnant and postpartum as well as yin yoga and meditation.
'Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is about what you learn on the way down.'    - Jigar Gor

As summer settles, we often find ourselves open to new chapters in our lives. Our retreat in Albania provides a safe space for you to dive deep into whatever challenges or opportunities are present for you.

Are you seeking a healthier life? What does that mean to you? Or perhaps you're ready to heal what's been holding you back, or simply fill yourself with new energy and inspiration. While long-term practitioners can also deepen their practice, our aim is to invite beginners and inexperienced practitioners to discover the benefits of this ancient practice.

Whatever your intention, we're here to support you.
Our carefully selected practices will help you let go of the old, ground and center yourself, and most importantly, relax.

Join us in the land of Sunsets, Saranda, Albania for a 6-night and 7-day self-care yoga retreat at Botë Farms, located in the countryside nestled in the Finiq Archeological Park.

This retreat is designed to help you to reconnect to your values, your inner power, and your authentic self. Through a variety of playful, creative methods and bodywork, you will explore the you that matters and anything holding you back.

Guided by Mentor Abigail Barragry a registered Doctor of Psychology with extensive training in creative arts therapies, trauma-informed practice, and body and breathwork.

She specializes in helping individuals connect to their values and integrate body and mind. Her approach connects people back to their playful side, their inner child, to nature. The aim is to help individuals to live with vitality, and to move from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’.

Creative Connections Wellness Retreat
October 5 - 11th, 2023

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‘We don’t stop playing because we get old,
we get old because we stop playing’ – George Bernard Shaw

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