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Author Retreats

Bring your writing career to the next level. Join our author retreat and get personal mentor support by best-selling author Gwen Cooper. Take part in different creative programming workshops to help you to that next book publishing.



Gwen Cooper is a New York Times bestselling author and fulltime writer. Over the past decade she has published five books with traditional publishers (Random House, Simon & Schuster), self-published five more, launched a first-of-its-kind monthly subscription series (two years before Substack existed!), and amassed a social-media following of more than 850,000. Prior to becoming a fulltime writer, Gwen was Director of Marketing for Rolling Stone and Us Weekly magazines. 

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Creative Programming

Creative programming for this retreat is intended to help you find what you really love, and how you can approach that topic creatively and instill it into your writing.


Holisitic Support

Our holistic team is here to support you through the retreat. With meditation practices, yoga classes, Reiki, massages, and career counseling, you willl have all the support you need to take the next step forward.

The profits from this retreat will be going towards the sterilization of the street animals in the Saranda area.
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