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Long Stay Cabins

Sleep, stay and play in the midst of the beautiful and untouched Albanian countryside. Our farm is located right in the middle of the Albanian mountains and minutes to the sea and other tourist attractions.

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Breathe in the fresh air and the quiet.  Gaze off into the expansive views.  Take some time without crowds or deadlines.  Take some time and reconnect with nature and your loved ones.

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Farm life

There is always a project happening on the farm. If you have a green thumb and want to help plant a tree, I am certain we have gardening gloves to spare.  Spend some time feeding the animals or just meander through the gardens.


Organic Food

The food from the farm comes from our various gardens or our neighbors' gardens.  the food is more than delicious, it is healthy too! You might just want to take some ingredients yourself and cook in your cabin.  You can order up a meal kit that will have all the ingredients for you to make your own masterpiece.

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