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Daily Farm Tours

Join our daily farm tours in the breathtaking Albanian countryside where you can cuddle our rescue animals, experience the farm life, learn how to make byrek from a local Albanian cook, find hidden treasure in the gardens, and enjoy a 7-course meal of organic food.

Transportation provided.

baby watermelon.jpeg

Food Forests

Our land has not been farmed for hundreds of years. We are bringing the soil back to life and growing organic food. This little watermelon will one day grow up to be in our watermelon lemonade! While in our gardens, kids can go on a treasure hunt looking for specially painted rocks by our artist in residence. Ou they can pick a perfectly ripe tomato.


Rescued Farm Animals

Kids and adults alike love to play and spend time on our animal farm! Here you can snuggle with a donkey, learn to milk a goat and maybe even hold a baby chick. Our farm uses milk and eggs from our rescued animals, the rest is just about cuddles.


7-course Farm Fresh Meal

You won't go home hungery as course after course of fresh, dynamic flavors are served to you on a floating table on top of the hill. Prior to your meal you can participate in the kitchen during our byrek cooking class. You can admire your own work as the byrek is served as one of the courses.

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